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Chapter 3 simple truths and simple lies

June 18th, 2014

Repeating something does not make it real

But it can make us believe it is. Peace is not the absence of war, peace is so much more. Peace is eating three times a day, peace is going to school, peace is a roof above, peace is the absence of fear, peace is hope in the future. Peace is when you know you can live and raise a family in peace.

The simple truth is we have been accustomed to a cheap version of this concept and celebrate the end of wars like the final solution that ends all problems. Then we forget about it and feel uncomfortable when we are reminded by the news that something remains rotten in Denmark. Thank God for the remote...

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Chapter 1 take nothing for granted

June 17th, 2014

Well, this simple phrase condenses the way I face life. It is the key, my key at least, towards making the most of our lives in any given personal situation. It means a lot of things I consider relevant if you want to lead a happier life. The following are some of the ideas I associate with this motto. Try to read them slowly and absorb their sense.

It means we need to learn to look at everything with the eyes of a child, as if it was the first time.
It means we need to make a conscious effort to recognize the worth of all the little good things that happen in our lives every day, and cherish them...

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